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The auto insurance surprise! 

No, it’s not getting the new car in your driveway at Christmas, It’s when you have an auto claim and find out that your auto insurance, isn’t what you thought it was, and you don’t get a do-over.

Consider this. Ever notice that all the insurance ads can save you money. If that were true, you would eventually pay very little, but that’s not going to happen as rates continually rise.

Insurance companies bet on the fact that you are mostly concerned with saving money (who wouldn’t want to) so they focus on premiums to get you to buy their policy. 

Now when you have an auto claim, wait for it, surprise! - things don’t always turn out as you expected. 

The insurance company explains all the reasons for what has happened, such as its not covered or its only covered for this or that or there is a limit that applies. 

Suddenly, you have an unexpected and unnecessary problem, and depending on what type of auto claim you have, an expensive problem.

Ask yourself, who is really looking out for you and how good is the advice you are getting? Do think it’s the person at the 800 number or someone who represents only one company?

Having your auto insurance with someone with the knowledge who really cares can make all the difference. Call us.