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The number one risk that a business faces is having their business interrupted and causes serious damage to their bottom line or even worse, there is no more bottom line because you’ve been put out of business.

Ask yourself, what would you do if you suddenly couldn’t operate your business? What would the financial impact be to you?

Truth be told, you really can’t know because you don’t have all the required information to make the necessary informed decisions to protect both your business and your financial position.

You contact your agent and they tell you that your insurance provides Business Interruption coverage that will replace your actual loss sustained for up to 12 months.

Problem solved? Not even close.

You see buying insurance is limited and just a small part of a big unknown problem. The reality is that you can’t possibly have a good solution to an unknown problem.

Here is a quick Q & A.

What caused the interruption and is it covered?  Your answer is:  I’m not sure

Will the interruption last more than 12 months?  Your answer is:  I’m not sure

If I can’t operate my business what happens to my customers:  They go somewhere else.

Concerned?  There are more ways to better protect your business and financial position. Call us.