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Life happens and so do auto accidents, home fires and other losses that can really hurt us financially. We don’t know when, or how bad it will be.

We buy auto and homeowners insurance and think we are now protected. But, are we really?

Ever wonder why are there so many options to choose from when we buy a car, or even a container of milk? It’s because we are individuals with different wants and needs and things that are important to us.

Yet, when we buy insurance to protect our car, our home and our financial well-being, we view all insurance the same and that it’s just a matter of the best premium, but it’s not.

Insurance is more than just the numbers. It is complex and has many options to consider that will make the difference in how or if a claim will be covered. Insurance needs to be specifically for you in order to work properly the first time since there are no do-overs after the loss.

That’s why at Cohen-Putnam we are “The Insurance Specialists Who Make the Difference”.  Really, we do!

Give us a call, send an email or just stop in. Hope to hear from you soon.

“The real cost of insurance is not the premium but the claim that isn’t covered.”