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It’s here.  Launching your boat for the season.  But, before you do so, here are some maintenance tips to get you ready.  Create your list and check the tasks off one at a time.

  • Clean hull, deck, and topsides
  • Check all drains for blockages.
  • Wash your boat and add a coat of wax to protect the paint.
  • Clean your wood finishes and oil them.
  • Clean fixtures like windows, hatches, blinds, and any other parts.
  • Replace things like your wiper blades if they are worn
  • Check for general damage like scratches, blisters
  • Inspect your ladder, trim, rails, rudder, and fittings
  • Inspect your stanchion, pulpits, lines fenders, and other items on the deck
  • Check your port lights to make sure they are functioning. Change any bulbs that are burnt or damaged
  • Check your seacocks, make sure they are working and lubricated
  • Inspect your hoses and clamps
  • Look at your waterline hoses
  • Check your bilge pumps, make sure both their automatic and manual functions work
  • Inspect your electrical systems, look to see if your battery is still good, if it needs to be recharged, or replaced
  • Look at any major contact points for corrosion and other wear
  • Inspect all visible wiring to see if it is frayed (also check for potential damage from animals chewing the wires)
  • Make sure all your gauges are working

Once you have completed your list, you are ready to launch the boat for the season.

Happy boating.

Source:  Harba